AIR TRANSPORT: Due to IMPORTCARGO’s freight volume, we can offer our clients regular consolidated services to the world’s main airports, as well as extensive possibilities in the reservation of space for airborne cargo with the main companies in the sector.

IMPORTCARGO controls both exports and imports procedures from the point of reception to the destination, and is able to offer comprehesive control over the entire process that is involved in the logistics sequence for the export/import of goods.

These linked processes allow us to offer current and potential clients quality service together with a competitive market price within the transit sector.


SEA TRANSPORT: Ever since the creation of its maritime department, IMPORTCARGO has built up an execellent working relationship with the world’s leading shipping companies, and this has allowed us to obtain rates and space reservations to be considered by any import and/or export firm.

Our company is able to offer FCL Services (Full Load Container) (20′, 40′, refrigerated, palletised, etc.), as well as consolidation services to the world’s main seaports, with the timely tracking of merchandise being available at all times.

Along with all of this, our maritime department which is set up at each location, makes strong efforts to cooridnate the shipment dates and/or alternative routes, to give our clients the most value for their money.


CUSTOMS: IMPORTCARGO has computerized clearance via Edi simplifying customs procedures, in addition we have staff at each office to deal with clearances arising red or orange channel requiring our physical presence at the customs office. Our customs department also advises importers about tariff study by classifying their products and reporting of taxes to pay for any kind of goods entering the country.


WAREHOUSING: We have warehouses with all security measures our customers needs and comprehensive inventory control. We offer our wharehouses as consolidation points, we offer packing, picking and customs bonded wharehouses DA DDA with the tax benefits involved.


SPECIAL PROJECTS: Since the beginning of the special project department Importcargo have been growing and covering all types of additional services beyond of standar container operations , having carried out projects for dismantling production plants and ship them to third countries, heavy machinery transportation , with extra dimensions etc. Flat bed Trucks , Bulk cargo , Flexitank, thermal insulation container , packaging etc.